Author Mentorship Program has been completed.

The ML4H 2023 author mentorship program is now closed. We would like to thank the following mentors for their excellent work and invaluable contribution.

  • Aakanksha Naik
  • Adwaita Janardhan Jadhav
  • Akshata Kishore Moharir
  • Andrii Krutsylo
  • Annika Marie Schoene
  • Dipesh Singla
  • Elie Alhajjar
  • Ishmeet Kaur
  • Isuri Anuradha Nanomi Arachchige
  • Malar Samy
  • Monica Hernandez
  • Morufu Olalekan Raimi
  • Niharika S. D’Souza
  • Qiao Jin
  • Shahriar Faghani
  • Syed Anwar
  • Tianyu Liu
  • Wenqian Ye
  • Xu Cao
  • Xue Feng
  • Yijun Tian
  • Zahraa Abdallah
  • Zichen Wang

The full original call for the author mentorship program is below.

The Author Mentorship Program focuses on pairing less experienced authors with senior researchers to provide feedback on their paper submission, with the overall goal of improving submission quality and fostering future collaboration. The pairing process will be performed based on common research interests between the mentor and mentees.

Note that mentors will not discuss possible paper ideas with the mentees, and hence, mentees who do not already have a paper idea should not participate in this program. Further, authors who do not intend to submit a paper to ML4H 2023 should not participate in this program.

We especially encourage less experienced authors and participants from underrepresented groups to sign up as mentees, as well as senior community members to serve as mentors for these programs. This program involves two months of mentorship. Mentees will receive mentorship throughout various stages of their work, with mentors giving feedback/suggestions for improvement on aspects such as (1) the direction of the design; (2) models and experiments; (3) results analysis; (4) presentation/organization of the final paper they plan to submit to ML4H 2023.

To participate in the first round of matches, mentors and mentees who are interested should fill in the corresponding application form below by June 18th AoE. Mentorship applications will continue to be accepted on a rolling basis afterwards.

Mentees and mentors are encouraged to have bi-weekly one-hour meetings to discuss the paper's progress (e.g., the mentors and mentees matched during the first round will have approximately four one-hour meetings over eight weeks).

Timeline for first round matches:
  1. June 18 – June 19: Details about mentee-mentor pair-ups are sent out.
  2. June 19 – June 23: Mentees are expected to initiate contact with their mentor and arrange an initial meeting. In this meeting, the mentees should discuss the paper’s idea and outline with the mentors as well as the plan (dates, format, expectations, etc) for their bi-weekly meetings.
  3. June 23 – Sept 7: The mentors and mentees will meet on a bi-weekly basis to work on the paper. After each meeting, the mentees are expected to incorporate the mentors’ feedback and send an updated draft of the paper to the mentors.
  4. Sept 7: ML4H Submission deadline.

Mentors and mentees will be matched at random based on your shared research areas. The matching process between mentors and mentees will start June 18 – June 19.

Application forms

Application deadline

To participate, mentors and mentees must fill in the corresponding application form. Applications will continue to be accepted on a rolling basis. Currently, as all mentors have been assigned, new applicants will be added to a waitlist until new mentors can be identified. As the Author Mentorship Program ends on Sept 7, new mentee applicants on the waitlist may not receive a match in time for the ML4H submission deadline.

Please feel free to contact Harry,