The workshop will be held December 10 in New Orleans. Times are listed in CST.

Time Title
8:30-8:45 Opening Remarks
8:45-9:15 Keynote 1: Elaine Nsoesie
Session 1: Global Health and Health Equity
9:15-9:35 Speaker: Emma Pierson
9:35-9:55 Speaker: Milind Tambe
9:55-10:15 Speaker: Charles Delahunt
10:15-11:00 Panel Q&A: Global Health and Health Equity with Elaine Nsoesie, Emma Pierson, Milind Tambe, and Charles Delahunt
11:00-11:20 Lightning Talks
  1. Learning Temporal Higher-order Patterns to Detect Anomalous Brain Activity
  2. SANSformers: Self-Supervised Forecasting in Electronic Health Records with Attention-Free Models
  3. Leveraging Transformers to Improve Breast Cancer Classification and Risk Assessment with Multi-modal and Longitudinal Data
  4. Deep Multimodal Fusion for Surgical Feedback Classification
  5. Using Reinforcement Learning for Multi-Objective Cluster-Level Optimization of Non-Pharmaceutical Interventions for Infectious Disease
  6. On the Importance of Step-wise Embeddings for Heterogeneous Clinical Time-Series
  7. Interpretable Mechanistic Representations for Meal-level Glycemic Control in the Wild
  8. Causal prediction models for medication safety monitoring: The diagnosis of vancomycin-induced acute kidney injury
11:20-12:05 Poster Session 1 + Demos + Coffee Break presented by Genentech
12:05-13:20 Break for Lunch
13:20-13:50 Keynote 2: Marinka Zitnik
Session 2: Generative AI & LLMs
13:50-14:10 Speaker: Monica Agrawal
14:10-14:30 Speaker: Stefan Harrer
14:30-14:50 Speaker: Tao Tu
14:50-15:35 Panel Q&A: Generative AI & LLMs with Marinka Zitnik, Monica Agrawal, Stefan Harrer, and Tao Tu
15:35-15:55 Lightning Talks
  1. MedAlign: A Clinician-Generated Dataset for Instruction Following with Electronic Medical Records
  2. Med-Flamingo: a Multimodal Medical Few-shot Learner
  3. Diffusion Models To Predict 3D Late Mechanical Activation From Sparse 2D Cardiac MRIs
  4. Learning Generalized Medical Image Representations through Image-Graph Contrastive Pretraining
  5. Coarse race data conceals disparities in clinical risk score performance
  6. When accurate prediction models become harmful self-fulfilling prophecies
  7. Utilizing the GPT-3.5 Artificial Intelligence Model to provide clinical recommendations in the Emergency Department
  8. Modeling Complex Disease Trajectories using Deep Generative Models with Semi-Supervised Latent Processes
15:55-16:00 Announcement of Winners
16:00-16:45 Poster Session 2 + Demos + Coffee Break
16:45-18:00 Research Roundtables
18:00-18:10 Closing Remarks
18:10-21:00 Evening Social @ Napoleon House (500 Chartres St, New Orleans, LA 70130)